Videography alongside your wedding photography is getting more and more popular. Sometimes couples will hire a separate videographer, which is fine, others prefer to keep it all through the one supplier to make their life more simple.

If you want me to provide both, then you have a few options to consider. I can provide both photography and video on my own, and that is a popular choice. Or, if you prefer my style of video/photography and really want me to focus on that, that then let me know which you prefer and I will bring in a skilled second shooter to concentrate on the other.


Approach to Videography

For me this is very similar to my approach to photography. I don’t want it to take over your day. A lot of the time people aren’t even aware that I am videoing as the majority is done with my small Sony A7III cameras. The only time this changes is for the ceremony, speeches and first dance where I’ll usually put up a couple of extra cameras on tripods and mic a few people up. I tried to avoid the latest gimmicks unless they really add something special. Gimmicks look great for a while but quickly date the film. A well made wedding video will always be a pleasure to watch.