Shaw Hill is a lovely venue for a wedding with great spaces both inside and out for guests and photography alike. The staff took great care of me and my assistant for the day and treated us really well. Shaw Hill is in Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire.

Shaw Hill seen from outside at Poppy and Sean's wedding

Poppy and Sean’s Wedding at Shaw Hill

Poppy and Sean got married at Shaw Hill last year on a lovely day in June. I’d only been booked in for a half-day, Sean not being too relaxed in front of the camera.

Being a golf club, the area around Shaw Hill is beautiful and the building is stunning and well maintained; perfect for a wedding. I was accompanied by a friend for this job, Danielle. We arrived nice and early and got busy shooting Poppy’s prep, her accoutrements and of course her dress.

I also managed to find Sean with his best man outside having a drink. I introduced myself and got a few shots of them having a laugh, then went to check out the ceremony room. Whilst in there I made sure I had a chat with the registrar.

The day went very smoothly, Poppy and Sean have a great circle of friends which made it great fun. By the end of our time there you could tell Sean had relaxed and I think he would have been happy for us to stay. The staff at the venue were amazing and provided us with a meal even though we weren’t staying. Poppy and Sean are a lovely couple and Shaw Hill a great venue! Music is You Are The Best Thing by Jessie Villa and Matt Wigton.

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