Hyde Bank Farm is a great venue for a wedding if you are looking for somewhere near Stockport or Manchester. It has a collection of lovely old buildings which are all well maintained and there is loads of room indoors and out for you and your guests to enjoy.

There is some lovely countryside to explore as well as some bridges to pose on. Or, if you want something really different there is an industrial estate nearby.

The staff are lovely and took the time to show us around and chat when we went to scout the venue. I don’t normally scout venues but my 2nd really wanted to so we took a trip out together. They made us welcome, gave us a tour and could not have been more helpful.

Sarah and Joseph kissing in front of their guests during their first dance at Hyde Bank Farm.

Sarah and Joseph

When I talked to Sarah for our pre-wedding checkup, she was really chilled about her day and very easy to chat to. She did tell me she wanted bother her and Josephs prep covering. We arranged for a second to cover him and I was going to work with Sarah and her ladies. Especially when I learned she was going from her home to Hyde Bank Farm for her wedding in a horse-drawn carriage.

The weather on the day was wet and damp, but spirits were anything but. When I arrived at Sarah’s everyone was ready and there was a great vibe of energy and activity. I got straight to work capturing the prep, all the while keeping an eye out for the horses.

My original plan had been to leave my car at Sarah’s and jog along/ride on the back of the carriage for extra shots. But unfortunately I’d damaged my ankle so stuck with driving instead. So after capturing Sarah’s reveal to her dad (and his tears of joy) I hopped in my car and drove over to Hyde Bank Farm. I said a quick hi to Joseph and made sure all was well with my 2nd. Then we went out to await Sarah’s arrival.

At Hyde Bank Farm

While waiting one of my martial arts friends just happened to be walking by. It’s a small world at times.

The ceremony was lovely and the reception and group shots went well after. The rain was poring down at this point so we got the group shots done indoors. The wedding breakfast was served out after this and it was delicious. Sarah had made sure my 2nd and I would be looked after. The the speeches started and they went on for quite some time. It gave me some great chances to capture peoples happy laughter at the jokes and kind words.

Sarah is friends with another couple I have worked with, Rachel and Laura. It was great to catch up with them. The rest of the day went well and we even braved the rain for some couple shots outside.

It was a lovely day.

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