Rivington Hall Barn is a great venue for a Wedding. It is a beautiful location and surrounded by glorious locations. The staff are excellent and really make you feel welcome. A special shout out the the master of ceremonies Pat, who really makes the day fun and keeps it running smoothly.

Sarah and Gary kissing in front of Rivington Hall Barn at their wedding.

Sarah and Gary’s Wedding at Rivington Hall Barn

Sarah got ready at a local hotel and headed over to Rivington for the rest of the day. I met my unofficial second of the day, Kirstie at the hotel. Together, we captured the wedding prep then we headed straight off to Rivington Hall Barn. We grabbed a few shots of the venue, Garry and his guests then be ready for Sarah’s arrival. We planned our positions and were all ready.

You could see Gary was nervous as he waited with his best man, but he held it together. They didn’t have long to wait. The room was done up beautiful and the guests were seated, Sarah arrived and the ceremony went beautifully.

After the ceremony, there were canapes, drinks and music and of course, lots of opportunities for candid photos. These are always some of my favourites as you can get genuine, happy moments for the couple to see later. Sarah and Gary took off in their limo for a ride around on there own then when they returned, it was on to the group shots.

Gary clearly wasn’t a fan of lots of group shots but Sarah had her list and cajoled him to get them all done. This is why I always encourage couples to talk about what group shots they want and let them know how long it should take.

After those it was another break then we took a walk with them for some couple shots then it was straight into the meal and speeches. These were great and there were some fun games led by Pat which all thoroughly enjoyed. The rest of the day went well and the 1st dance was amazing. I’ve seen confetti first dances before, but Rivington has confetti launchers built in and they take it to another level.

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