Judy and Chris – An English Chinese Fusion Wedding

Judy and Chris were a couple that got in touch with me over Bidvine. Bidvine is an online platform I sometimes use to find new couples. They were having a wedding over two days: the first day was a civil ceremony then reception. The second day a tea ceremony and meal. A real Chinese – English Wedding

For this wedding, I had Kirstie Garlic shadowing me. We arrived nice and early for the prep at Judy’s house then headed over to Sale Town Hall for their ceremony. All went well there and we got a few group shots afterwards outside the town hall.

Sale Town Hall

Everyone was getting onto their bus to head over to Altrincham Masonic Hall for the reception so I ran to get my car. The worst thing happened. My horn started sounding continuously just as I got around the corner, I asked Kirstie to ride on the bus with Judy and Chris while I disconnected my horn. I got that sorted, jumped back into my car and made it to the venue only minutes after the couple . Kirstie was brilliant and started organising the last few group shots while I cleaned off the grime from my car. 

We then headed into the venue for the wedding breakfast and speeches. I wasn’t happy with the Masonic lodge for photos but the area around it was lovely. We took Chris and Judy for a walk around the area and were just heading down a small lane when we were stopped by a local who offered us his garden for photos. It was a slightly strange offer, but nothing ventured nothing gained. The cottage was only a hundred yards further on and it, along with its garden, was beautiful! Our thanks go out to Mike Harrison and his wife, the owners of the cottage. Mike is a photographer and a keen gardener, so was happy to help.

The Second Day

On the second day, everything was at Ocean Treasure at Chi Yip in Middleton. I arrived early for shots of the venue and the private tea ceremony but were told when we arrived to order what we wanted to eat first. The food was excellent, even if we did have to wolf it down then get straight to work. The tea ceremony was a bit different from the one I’d previously been to, it was a lot louder and a bit more hectic. Going of the recommendations of the honoured guests that took part, Judy and Chris will be having around 60 kids. I’m not sure they’d agree with that though.

The rest of the day was broken up by rounds of food, speeches, hundreds of formal portraits, firecrackers, brandy drinking, karaoke and line dancing. I had tried to persuade them to have a lion dance as well but to no avail. It was a hectic, fun day.

The shots on the bus were taken by Kirstie.

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