Gibbon Bridge Hotel

This blog talks about both Gibbon Bridge Hotel and the training I did with David Stubbs.

Gibbon Bridge Hotel

Gibbon Bridge Hotel is a lovely venue with friendly, helpful staff. The buildings and gardens are immaculate and the food was delicious. The only challenge it presented was finding a vantage point to get a shot of the venue. Neither David or I use drones so that wasn’t an option.

There is loads of information available on their website if you’re considering using them as a venue.

Training and Shadowing

I decided to do some wedding photography training. Sure, I already have qualifications coming out my ears, but there is always room for improvement. After looking at the training offered by numerous photographers and asking fellow wedding photographers for references, I chose David Stubbs photography. This wedding was a part of the training that I did with David, where I shadowed him for the day.

This was the wedding of Olivia and Paul at Gibbon Bridge Hotel in Lancashire. A beautiful venue which really set the scene for the day. We worked alongside Aaron Rose Wedding Videos who produced their wedding video.

I go into a little more detail about the training after all the images, this bit is mainly about Olivia and Paul.

Olivia and Paul

Olivia and Paul in the garden of Gibbon Bridge Hotel

The day started at the hotel capturing some shots of Paul and his groomsmen getting ready. Getting their suits on, getting out the shower (don’t ask) and making sure everything was ready, and of course, having fun. We then headed over to Olivia’s parent’s house to cover the bridal prep. The ladies were enjoying themselves getting ready with hair and makeup, sampling a little bubbly and generally full of happiness for the day.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were refined elegance and Olivia looked stunning in her dress from Lulu Browns. We stayed with them until just after the reveal then headed to the church for the ceremony. We had a quick chat with Aaron and made sure we were out of each other’s shots then set about capturing the event for them. As I was just shadowing I mainly tried to keep out of David and Aaron’s way. I still managed to get some great shots. 

After the ceremony it was the usual confetti then meet and greet. Then the rest of the day was at the hotel. En route from the church to the reception, David introduced me to the idea of getting some transition shots for the couple, to link up the story.

As I was mainly observing David, there were fewer shots than normal:

Olivia and Paul were both aware of my role at the wedding, shadowing David. They both made me very welcome and I would like to thank them for that.

The Training

The training with David consisted of 3 x 2hr Skype sessions and shadowing him at a wedding. During the Skype sessions we went over my business and the way that I work and shoot. We also covered different approaches to advertising. The final session was a mixture of Google Adwords and reviewing the above wedding.

On the day, I met up with David before we started and once again went over the expectations. We had a quick look around the hotel then went to Paul for his prep. Mostly I watched David work then after a while started shooing using the tips that David had given me. We later went over some of the images during the wedding breakfast and David gave me some more feedback. It was an eye-opener and a pleasure to work with David and to chat with Aaron Rose as well.

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