Melody and Tom

Malody and Tom dancing together at TJs Bar and Grill

Zimbabwe Meets Yorkshire

The vibrant wedding of African bride, and Yorkshire groom. Shot at Cathedral House, Kirkstall Abbey and TJ’s Bar and Grill

Amazingly, I’ve just realised I hadn’t blogged about this wedding. Why so surprising? Simply, it was one of my favourite weddings of 2018. I knew that is was going to be good when I saw the number of guests. Add in the bridesmaids and groomsmen, 10 of each if I remember correctly, and I knew the energy would be high. This was a two photographer job.

The support I took along for this one was, once again, Steve Simon Photography. A good fit, as he is from Southern Africa and knew what to expect more than I did. He agreed to do the job as soon as I mentioned boerewors were on the menu. I covered Melody’s prep, and Steve covered Tom, then we met up at Cathedral House in Huddersfield for the ceremony. 

Morning Prep

Melody, on the day, was busy organising and preparing her bridesmaids as well getting herself ready when I arrived, but she made me welcome then I got straight to work. It was a whirlwind of activity which went perfectly off to plan then after prep we all headed to the ceremony.

This was the first evangelical service I’d covered and they certainly give the Catholics a run for their money when it comes to length of service. What I loved the most was that the couple, instead of walking down the aisle together, danced. The first of much dancing that day as it turned out.

From there we headed to Kirkstall Abbey for some photos. It was meant to be just the couple but we had a lot of family join us, as well as overeager chauffer who wanted to take photos as well…

TJs Bar and Grill

After our time at the Abbey, we headed over to TJ’s Bar and Grill for the reception. Once again we were all in for a treat as the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced in together in pairs, followed by the couple. They then went on to speeches, followed by food, followed by speeches, followed by food, followed by speeches, followed by… you get the idea.

After a while, we realised that there wasn’t going to be a break long enough for us to eat. So I sent Steve off for half an hour and wolfed down a cupcake myself. I managed to grab a cold plate of food around 8:30pm but it kept me going. The dancing started again after the meal with the couple doing their first dance, then Melody danced with her uncle and Tom danced with their daughter. Then for a big surprise, they had African Zulu dancers perform, they were amazing!

The dancing continued with a dance-off between the bridesmaids and groomsmen, which the grooms narrowly won. At this point Steve and I had to head off, we were already about two hours after the time we were meant to finish, and had to call it a day.

Melody and Tom sent us off with a bottle of wine each and some boerewors. It was an amazing day with a lovely couple. I should mention that there was a videography couple working alongside us all day. Their name escapes me at the moment but they were really easy to work with.

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Photographed on behalf of Paul Walker Photography

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