Laura and Matt walking in the field just above Wedbarn

I was slightly concerned when I heard that Laura and Matt were having a Wedbarn wedding. I’d heard a few rumours that Wedbarn had been having problems getting a ceremony licence due to overzealous neighbours. Happily, when we had our consult, they told me the ceremony would be held at St Mary’s just down the road.

On the day, Laura was getting ready at the New Hobbit in their lovely bridal suite. The room was spacious with plenty of light, so the prep shots were a pleasure. I even had the help of 4 year old Millie and Rainbow Dash when taking some of the pictures. She picked up focusing and composition faster than some of the adults I know…

Then it was on to the ceremony at St Mary’s. I met with Jeanette, the vicar when I got there and she was very relaxed and pleasent, with a love of Lego. She really was a great vicar to work with. The ceremony went well and then there was a classic coach to take everyone over to Wedbarn. It would take them three trips to get everyone over to the barn with the bride and groom taking the last one. So after dropping my car off I jumped on the bus so that I could ride with the couple and their family on the last journey and get some more shots for them.

The meal was a very relaxed affair with the choice of pizza by Fired up, burritos, or Indian street food by Pavs Dhaba, which I had. It was excellent! This was followed by some speeches and then not long after the cake cutting and dancing. The couple were very kind and I look forward to working on their images. I was able to get a few sneak-peak shots to them on the day (love my A7III for this).

The last thing I’d like to mention here is the wedding singer they had. She was excellent and I’d highly recommend her. Bethany Hare can be found here.

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This wedding was shot for Paul Walker Photography

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