I never expected to be shooting a wedding at the Mill at Ballydugan. I’m glad I got the chance though as it is an amazing venue which has been totally refurbished by the owners.

In a former life, I used to teach kung fu. I had some amazing people as students and they remain my friends to this day. So when I got a message from Seamus inviting me to his wedding I jumped at the change. What was even better was learning that two other former students would be in attendance, Saadia and Jay.

Seamus had left the UK a few years previously to travel to Japan to teach English and while living there he met and fell in love with Shiori. Originally they had planned to get married in Hawaii but in the end, it was more important for them to get married in either Japan or Ireland, somewhere they had more of a connection to.

Saadia and I arranged to travel together and share the cost of hiring a car. We got to travel in a prop-plane and we even got upgraded on the car. It was a good job I enjoy driving in the snow. The journey to the venue was only 45 minutes and the views were beautiful, that and Saadia’s zany humour kept me entertained all the way to The Mill at Ballydugan.

Seamus and Shiori in front of a pond near the Mill at Ballydugan

The Wedding Day

With half an eye to the weather and knowing how important the photos and videos were to Seamus and Shiori, I’d packed my camera and video camera just in case, and it was a good job I did. On the morning of their wedding, I had Seamus knocking on my door looking very distressed. There were issues with the photographer and videographer they had booked so he was hoping I could take on the photography until the booked photographer turned up. Of course, I said yes and got straight to work. Here are some of the photos I took for them:

Those are some of the shots from my camera. I also played with my phone a bit and took a few videos just for fun.

The ladies were talked into singing a traditional Japanese song.
Seamus’ dad is in a band and wanted to play for them, despite a broken arm.
Due to different Japanese sensibilities, there wasn’t a first dance exactly. We did get them dancing later though.

This was an amazing wedding and I don’t think I’ve danced and drunk so much since. I didn’t drink to excess and never do normally at a wedding, but this was a very special occasion!

Since then, Jay, my other ex-student, booked me for his wedding. Thankfully this one was a lot closer to home and properly planned.

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