The Mercure Norton Grange Hotel and Spa

The Mercure Norton Grange Hotel and Spa, to give it its full and somewhat wordy title, is actually a lovely venue for a wedding in Manchester. What it lacks in gardens, it makes up for with warm and friendly staff, good food and well-run weddings. Ok, technically it is in Castleton, Rochdale, but they count it as Manchester.

Silhouette of bride and Groom at Norton Grange Hotel

Josie and Michael

Josie is a dance teacher, which explains some of the shots below. So when I was talking to her on the phone prior to the wedding, I said I was looking forward to an amazing first dance. Josie politely told me that wasn’t going to happen. She spends every day dancing and that she intended to keep her first dance simple. I was in for a dancing surprise, I’ll get to that later.

On the day the weather was beautiful though the light was hard, that was fine though as the guys all had their shades.

Josie and her bridesmaids had two adjoining suites which they put to good use even if it was hectically busy. I said hi to the ladies and got some shots with them then went and found Michael and his groomsmen. They were all in the bar… To be fair to them though, they were getting ready there.

One lovely moment in the ceremony was Josie and Michael’s two young boys coming down the aisle. They had been provided with bubble guns and had a whale of a time shooting everyone.

Josie had asked me for some specific shots, and one of them was to capture their first kiss from the front with their guests in the background. I cleared this with the registrar before the ceremony then nailed the shot.

Bride and groom sharing their first kiss with guests in background.

The rest of the day went really smoothly and we got the rest of the shots Josie had asked for, along with lots of documentary images. The dance surprise I mentioned earlier was the father and daughter dance. It was no slow rocking side to side on the dancefloor. It was a high energy dance to Baggy Trousers by Madness!

Father and daughter dancing

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