Wedding at Pryors Hayes

Pryors Hayes

Pryors Hayes is based in a golf club near Chester. The venue has a modern feel to it with large, light, clean rooms and lovely gardens. There is plenty of greenery with access to the golf club for shots on the green (with supervision from the very helpful staff). The food there is excellent and the management and staff are on the ball. Read about Haley and Jonathan’s wedding at Pryors Hayes

Bride and groom walking down the aisle smiling at each other at Pryors Hayes.

Haley and Jonathan

Haley and Jonathan booked me through Paul Walker Photography and originally I only had them down for a half-day. However, when I phoned them up for their consultation it soon became clear that they would really prefer to have me for the whole day. This was, of course, fine with me and we altered their booking straight away. Haley and Jonathan were great to talk to on the phone, Haley’s very outgoing, so I was excited for the day.

For their preparation and accommodation the night before, they had booked lodges at Hollies Lodges in Tarporley. When I arrived, the guys were happily playing poker and having fun in one lodge while the girls were getting hair and makeup sorted in another lodge nearby. They all made me very welcome and forced me (honest, I was forced) to have a couple of pastries then said hi to Tiago, their videographer from Caldeira Weddings, then I got straight to work. Haley had a few specific requirements for shots in the morning that she wanted, so while doing what I normally do, I made sure to get them as well. She’d also mentioned that no one was to see the dress until she was in it so I had to sneak a few shots of it carefully.

The lodges are great, I really liked them and have considered hiring one for a holiday. They’re also great for the photos.

After everything was ready at the Hollies I rushed over to Pryors Hayes to be ready for Haley’s arrival. The ceremony room was beautifully styled by Flossie’s Weddings and Jonathan was ready to go, he seemed to have a few nerves but he handled them really well. The ceremony went smoothly then it was time for canapes and group shots. We even did a group confetti shot which you can see below. At the moment I think I prefer a group confetti shot over a confetti line. You get everyone in and all the happiness as they wish the couple well.

The venue was kind enough to lend us a couple of golf carts and a member of staff to go out on the course for some photos. I drove us out to the lake so Tiago could film Haley and Jonathan in the other cart and on the way back we swapped – great fun.

The rest of the day went really smoothly and despite being very hot, everyone had an enjoyable day.

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