Royal Exchange Theatre Wedding with Chinese Lions

When you think of venues for a wedding, most people don’t think of the theatre. Most people aren’t Naomi and Neil though. Naomi and Neil thought the Royal Exchange Theatre was the perfect venue for a wedding with Chinese Lions. I’ll get into why it was the perfect venue for them in a bit but first, a little more about the Royal Exchange Theatre.

A Theatre in the Heart of Manchester

This place is amazing, honestly, if you’ve never been it’s worth a visit just to look around. The building is beautiful inside from its vaulted ceiling with domed windows letting in plenty of natural light, to its trading board, marble columns and elevated walkways. There is a cafe inside with tasty food and good drinks too. Lastly, there is the performance space which is a circular stage. There is something truly unique about getting married where your guests can surround you as you tread the boards to marriage (was that too much of a dad joke?).

A view of the Theatre inside the Royal Exchange
A black and white image of the Rivals board

Naomi and Neil

I’ve known Naomi for years now and worked with her on many occasions. I first met her when I was teaching at Sunshine Studios in Manchester, she dropped into one of my lion dance classes and fell in love with Terrance the lion. That or my teaching was just too amazing to pass. She even came to some of my kung fu classes.

Bride and groom stood in front of Rivals sign

We stayed in touch over the years with me doing some photography jobs for her and her amazing productions, and Naomi would model for me from time to time. She’s been in two of my major projects.

So when Naomi and Neil decided to get married, Naomi told me I was the obvious choice and what’s more, she wanted lions at her wedding! I don’t have my own team anymore so we brought in my sifu’s lion dance team from Northern Dragons

Naomi is a writer and dramaturg, and Neil is an author, so the obvious place for them to have their wedding was the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. It was a fun place to shoot in even if the theatre lighting and the darker rooms made it more of a challenge. Actually, that probably added to my enjoyment and when I was done shooting, I put the cameras down and enjoyed being with friends.

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